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Let's face it...there's no way to really force it (it being the existence of a high standard of play/player/conduct/knowledge/initiative/etc). The best effort that can be made is to either:
1. Put the message out so consistently pervasive that new guys bump into it so much/often that they're just convinced it's the way it is...and they either do it or leave

2. Make the trappings (i.e. games/events) so attractive that new guys WANT to do it...and they either will or they'll leave.

The trappings of getting AV'd in the past was simply "GIVE ME ACCESS TO THE GUNS!!!!". Where to get 'em, what's available, etc.... Well, that's gone now. Being AV'd for the new guy is pretty much holds no value. ( can still get to good stuff...but for the new guy that just wants to get something to see what it's all about...they don't NEED it).

(this might not work...I'm just spouting off)

Every venue should have a regular Noob day. Cater to those coddling needs (i.e. provide food/drink, explicit directions on how to get there, rentals/samples/loaners/etc...) want to get the new guys out there. Have a concise specific message to get across. Be the one asshole there harping on safety.... Arm-twist, bribe, extort, guilt some seasoned guys to come out (and have them bring their goodies with them) answer questions, show what's what and to mix it up a bit. Everyone can bond and hold hands.

The priviledge of posting to this forum and accessing more than the Stickies, FAQs and Games section should be determined by some other way. Probably tied to actual field attendance/conduct.
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