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Originally Posted by Ratters View Post
I still think the whole idea of airsoft is supposed to be fun, a little less on the serious might be in order. After all, we are hurling plastic at each other. ; )
It does not have to be easy.. lawless and without expectations of certain standards to be fun.

The game is fun.. No one is talking about "killing the fun"

What we are talking about is setting standards and enforcing them so everyone has fun.

I don't understand why things have to be reduced to the lowest standards to ensure inclusivness.

today the Money cost to get started is manageable for anyone.. so there is no choices or sacfifices necessary to get in to the game.. it can be done on a lark...
If it's a lark you are much less likely to care what the perceptions of the other people participating are.. your "mind set" may be " who cares? I'm just here for some fun" and you may not have any concern for the fact that your brand of fun is contrary to others.. or even the majority.

It does not take many KTMTs to spoil the fun for so called "serious" players ( who are having fun as well by the way)
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