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Range and effectiveness

Well, clear guns or not the question is does the gun and player perform well. If I'm hit with a clearsoft or an all-metal "hopped-up-everything" it's still a hit right? I agree that the stuff they are selling at Canuck tire, etc. are worth a chuckle or two.
A lot of new players can be nervous and they may feel unwelcomed and out gunned. It only takes one game for the adventurous to realize they are the true Kamikazes of the field. if there guns are inadequate, but is this not part of the fun??? Well, kind of. If there is a lot of real airsoft floating around on forums and sellers are fair with there pricing then it can be enjoyable.

Fire teams of mixed experience is an obvious answer.

I still think the whole idea of airsoft is supposed to be fun, a little less on the serious might be in order. After all, we are hurling plastic at each other. ; )
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