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After reading through the whole thread, it sure seems like the problem most people have isn't the equipment itself, but the new (and old?) players' attitudes as well.

Etiquette is something you learn either from someone who teaches you, or from being bitched at when you do something wrong. I suggest events that teach new people to play Airsoft. I've taught members of my team the four safety rules of a rifleman and many other tactical movement training sessions ensued after those. Like I said, it's an investment.

You could teach people in every province how to learn Airsoft, but you're going to have to go out of your way and deal with the loads of questions. I'm sure this could be a solution.

Hell, if I was as seasoned a player as some of you, I'd organize a seminar of sorts for new players to attend. I'm sure it would attract loads of people. If done in a proper and ordered manner, people could learn a LOT and that would do a big service.

Or is this impossible?
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