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Lets be clear

The issue is not "clearsoft" I personally could not care less what colour the gun is .. as had been said.. gear don't make the shooter.. It's a tool nothing more.

The issue is the cost to get started.

In my other, other life, I teach Martial arts.. One of the things we do is fight with steel weapons in Armour to submission.

The bar to entry to that level of participation is $5000.00 or more in equipment and 3+ years of training.

If you get through that.. there is a pretty good chance that you will be a suitable opponenet , well trained and properly equiped .

I would not hazard my life in a fight with someone who just shows up with kit and says , lets have a go, I don't know the effectiveness of their equipment.. and I have no idea of their level of training...

now to extend that to AS, the bar to entry with the proliferation of readily accessable inexpensive guns is such that it requires almost no committment of any kind to participate... "tourists" of the most superficial kind can participate.. they don't give a rats ass about the rules , and don't much care about safety because , "Hey their just there to have some fun"

My point is .. we need another way to raise the bar.. as the price point to get equiped is not doing it any more and that is not likely to change.

So this is not a "I hate clearsoft" rant

This is a "how do we deal with the flood of new players, while maintaining the safety and integrity of the activity"
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