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Originally Posted by MrRiches View Post
I think ASC should accept the new players with the clearsoft as I find that the majority of the time New Airsofters in the community along with their clearsoft guns are a) More responsible as they are not cocky like most of the more seasoned players tend to be. and b) they out perform the old guys with their cheap clearsoft. I think some "Old guys" are just upset that some kid can outperform them with $200 of equipment vs. their $1000+. I do agree that unprepared players are a pain, but I as do most other players put up with them as they are our future of the sport and we should help them. As far as clearsoft killing the sport... I don't see that happening... we just have more entry level players then ever before and they will eventually buy the higher grade guns. I started off with a P22 walther pistol... thats what got me hooked... since then I've spent thousands into airsoft but it all started with clearsoft. The only thing I don't like about clearsoft is that it takes away from the simulation aspect, but I'm more interested in having fun not about what the next guys gun looks like and I deal with it.

this from the guy with the kiddie friendly airsoft field in his sig...

It's not that older guys are bitter that younger players can outdo them with cheaper gear, it's the mentality behind the whole cheapness that's bringing down the quality of the game, the whole t-shirt and jeans with a hicap thing just kills it, it's no better than paintball at that point.

and you would be surprised how switched on some of those old guys are, following Tys and his team at Broadsword was amazing
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