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how about letting the AV reps really sit down with people and talk to them when they take their information, if they don't want to listen...they don't get AV'd simple as that, I can't believe some of the retarded fucks who get AV'd, it should start there I think

as far as people who are already in the system, then yeh they really should have someone take them under their wing, too much of this "IN+4" shit, with one noob bringing his 3 noob buddies and no repercussions because they're not even on ASC when they fuck up at a game

Im not elitist or a geardo or anything, I run with a basic chest rig and some bdu, no bells and whistles, hell I don't even have a proper holster for my sidearm, I use an empty mag pouch, but when I go to a game and I am teamed up with some noob in jeans and a tshirt and a cansoft m4 with 2 hicaps taped together, I then understand how the the "elite" feel, it's fucking bullshit, and I hate it.

I went to a FR game not too long ago and there was some 15yo kid with a fucking motocross chestplate on over his tshirt and jeans combo, with a cansoft and hicap, this fucking pisses me off, seriously is this NS or NFLD where they're so desperate for players that they let kids play with them, NO this is fucking ON, we're better than that

I believe in the "trial by fire" method, someone does/says something stupid, they get lit up, if they truly care about becoming active in the community, they'll stick around and try to prove that they're not complete asshats, if they don't then it's no big loss to us as a community

/end rant
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