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Originally Posted by Skruface View Post
The best mentoring I've seen/been involved in are the "Noob Days" that the Manitoba boys put on. Nothing like a group of veteran players taking 20 or 30 noobs and answering all their questions at once, letting them try all the guns at once, and then going out and playing in a safe and monitored environment with your mentors.

I support this initiative.

I also think "Mentors" need a tag, just like the Age Verification tag.
I like the idea Skruface....

I have been disscussing a "noob day" ala MB style at the Farm for later this year.

I hope it flies. The idea of mentor tags will direct questions better better too. Perhaps mentors on gear, another on Augs, another on m14... this way they will not be burried with questions and we all have strengths.
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