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G&G used to be the bastard child of airsoft guns. Their quality between ICS, G&P, Marui would leave them in a distant 4th place everytime. But it's all good now because the receiver is clear, and the other brands are no longer available?
I believe the key phrase here is "used to be". It's not 2006 anymore. Given the endless discussions of legality and grey areas that we both have taken part in on these forums over the years, I would have assumed that any measure taken to take airsoft out of the grey area it has been in for a decade would be seen as a good thing. G&G just happened to be the manufacturer to step up to the plate.

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How many milsims are well attended in Calgary anymore? How many has Gish cancelled due to lack of attendance? With more available guns, attendance should increase, right? How come a serious milsim like Op Cold Front gets 60 players from across Canada, yet 200 can show up to a Battlefield game?
You really can't compare a hardcore 24 hour milsim (which was more or less invite only, by the way) to a widely publicized yearly game that is basically DESIGNED to be friendly to new players. I won't argue about the lack of milsims in Calgary, but I think after the Battlefield games became so wildly successful that the attitude toward milsims has changed.

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The changing attitudes amongst players new and old has been directly as a result of the changing marketplace for hardware. Anyone who thinks this isn't so isn't rational.
I can agree with this on some level, but I reject the doomsayers that predict Cansoft to be the death knell for Canadian airsoft. The same people were saying the same thing about JG guns in 2007, and I'm pretty sure old-timers from the early gas gun days said the same thing when Tokyo Marui first introduced their AEGs. I would rather have a proliferation of LEGAL Cansoft guns than have another retailer facing jail time.

Do airsofters in other provinces really have people showing up to games with $100 100% clear Canadian Tire guns? I have yet to see that at a Calgary-area game.

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