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Originally Posted by Metternich View Post
Headshots are allowed [at some events], but it is considered [to be in very] poor taste and etiquette to take them (as they are kind of dangerous to the target). It is considered EXTREMELY poor etiquette to BRAG about it, that's why people are cunty about your post. Also don't mistaken good players for skilled players. There are plenty of players that can't shoot for shit that I love playing with. Good players are ones that are SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and generally FUN to play with. Not guys that can snap off head shots 200 feet. Attitude, personality and safety are more important than skill in a new player.
Thank you. (pardon the slight edits)

- some of the best guys are the ones who blast the wall next to your head and yell at you not to do stupid things like that...instead of cracking one off on your noggin.
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