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Blaming the guns for the quality of new players is absurd. There were stupid kids with TM guns in 2006, and there are stupid kids with clearsoft now.

It's getting to the point where I think any change to the status quo is perceived as a threat. JG and other "Chinasoft" brands were considered a threat to the "integrity" of Canadian airsoft when they first arrived, and I'm sure anyone who has been around since the Escort/JC/Kokusai days perceived Tokyo Marui the same way in those days as well.

A number of retailers have worked their asses off to find a Canadian airsoft solution that does not involve the retailer getting his ass thrown in jail, and a large percentage of this community has responded to such a breakthrough with upturned noses and derisiveness just because the goddamned receiver is clear. That's the real joke here.

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