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Mentorship of New Players

Hello everyone

Seeing how Brian's thread has tapered off into a few different topics but the one most important at the moment is mentorship or indoctrination. I think a thread about mentorship should be created. Although this happened last time before the clear guns came out, now the clear guns are everywhere meaning more new players have come, so what to do?

Now on one condition!

Constructive comments please! Please don't waste time arguing back and forth if Mentorship or Indoctrination is needed, the fact is it is NEEDED in certain places. Be a regular at Defcon or TTAC where most new players usually start out and you will see that

- Most new players are not going to be reading the FAQs fully
- They will not always be fully geared up at games. So what do you do?
- Unknown random people joining games, what do you do?
- Most new players have no clue the different sources to get new gear, guns and accessories
- People not from ASC joining games

(FR games and other venues usually have vet players so I exclude it for now)
- Pistolero Steve -

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