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My concern is that people can now "get into airsoft" on their own.. they don't need any sort of indoctrination .. no skills and no knowledge required.

Buy a gun .. and show up , no questions asked.

When these people make mistakes .. or it turns out they are of dubious character.. there are no ramifications and no possibility of censure.

We try at that time to "download" the knowledge through social pressure.. or as is the case in most situations .. we grumble about "stupid kids"

Mostly its not about stupidity .. the issus is ignorance .. which can be fixed.

I think we should raise the bar.

We require as a community 18+ and AV status to buy guns from this community .. We should also require a AS indoctrination before people can participate actively in force on force engagements.

They do this in other places, the Western New york AS comminity is one example.

then at least everyone starts off on the same page and at the same level and no one can claim ignorance for breaches or safety or protocol.
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