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Originally Posted by deep in the bush View Post
....Can a clearsoft section be made or a companion forum to ASC? maybe ASC-Clear? That way all the folks can discuss how to fix shatted plastic and fix plastic gears.

I think this just another stage for the sport. The clear would create this... not sure yet which way to lean as up here we do not get many krakens etc... we do have G&G AEGs with smoked uppers at am wondering what clear AEG's we are discussing? (G&G, ICS vs bass pro/Wally?)
LOL...Deep, if the fact of the thing being clear or not made or broke things, I'd keep a case of black spray paint in my gear bag and hand it out for free at games. Show up early and I'd spray away the clear for you...

But it's not. It's the nut behind the butt. It's how the individual considers what needs to be done, decides how to do it and their mentality of what they're going to do. Everyone will follow direction...usually they'll just bump along with whatever the group is doing, good or bad. Establish the direction...and they'll follow that (which I've seen you do with plenty of guys).

If a new guy starts out and sees that people are organized, taking things in a fun but focused approach, "bonding" (or whatever you hippies are talking about..jk ), calling hits, etc... then they'll do that if it's in them to do that.

If a new guy is an a--hat and shows up to events like the above, they'll very quickly figure out (or be told outright) that this sport isn't for them. They'll either find the off-grid sh*t or they'll pack it in. But if they find mainstream groups/games that tolerate a--hatery, then they'll end up there.
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