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Calgary has seen a big jump in player-base due to clearsoft. The number of new people who sign up on the JOC boards and actually get out to a game is way higher than it was just last year. The clear guns actually perform quite well and you can't even tell unless people are loading up. We went from only maybe 2-3 outdoor games a week during the summer to a skirm almost every week with indoor games 2-3 days every week as well. Without exception, the new players have had a blast and I'm sure many of them will be throwing money into the airsoft sinkhole in no time.

The "concentration" of new players is higher which does worry some people but I think given the nature of airsoft, cansoft is a good way for people to ease into the sport. As a relatively new player, good clearsoft wasn't around when I first started and I wish it was. It would have been easier on the pocket book and I would have been able to buy gear with the money I saved. For example, I used a black vest over a multicam BDU for a few games because I couldn't afford another vest.

Game organizers: If you want serious players, make that clear. A lot of people spend their money on guns (let's face it, the cansofts are still pricey) and don't have a lot left over for BDU, vest etc. In Calgary we run a lot of skirms on smaller fields where I would say jeans are perfectly acceptable. Skirms are where a new player should learn and pick the sport up. We do however run some milsims and I think a gear requirement for those is also acceptable or maybe even a requirement of having one season under their belt.

I understand where the "elitists" come from. You don't want the sport to get watered down by new players. Yes, unprepared players can be a drag on a game (especially when they get dehydrated and get heat stroke). The solution is simple, let the new players run around at skirms and make gear and experience requirements for your games.
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