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my two cents:

I have been watching this sport since i was 15, Ive watched almost every single airsoft video i could, For years I thought about joining the sport and when I turned 18 and saw a gun I wanted for sale on the classifieds, I bought it and its not clear but it is a "Hot outta the box china make" Sure she dont shoot straighter than a TM and she ain't upgraded with systema this and prometheus that but at teh end of the day she shoots 6mm .20's about where i want em to land, I recently joined a team with some good seasoned people because i wanted to learn the ropes on everything from tactics and weapons,
I work a part time job and am slowly aquiring what i need to be a somewhat worthy players in the eyes of the older breed(Gear and upgrades), But Did I do wrong to the community by joining this early?

I completely understand that this game is expensive but if i needed a quality TM to be somewhat excepted which costs 700-1000 dollars to even be near the ranking of the "Old Farts" maybe i did fuck up.
It's not about the guy who doesn't call his hit. It's about the pants you're wearing and the pants you're team mate is wearing, Is it real multi cam or is it Chinese repro multi cam? I don't know but in the end it's still multicam.
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