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#1. Entry price point and whether the see-through-ness/quality of the gun is NOT the issue. The issue is how new guys come into the sport and how they're "brought along" by the existing player base. There is a correlation though...lower the price point, google friendly purchasing sources, etc...and you end up with simply more new players. What group/games these guys hook up with sets a tone with them that stays for a long, long time...and only serves to reinforce that tone for the next newcomer.

#2. I'm all for helping out a new guy. F*CK, I've even given a guy the belt off the pants I was wearing so he could shoot the qualifying session of CAPS (and the f*cker beat me that afternoon too......and you're damn sure that I made it clear that he'd be expected to show up with his own gear next time). I've been around the block a couple of times...and I think I can get a pretty good read off of someone pretty quick. If I think that they have the potential to be good for things...I'll go out of my way, take a $$ loss, invest my time to see that they get a good start. So far, that effort hasn't failed me. I personally see very limited return for that...but the others those guys go on to play with benefit greatly. As long as I'm involved, I'll continue to do that.
- but some guys, more guys now...just don't seem worth it. They're childish goofballs.

#3. The biggest impact that can be made is by the guys who organize the events. The tone is set's personal, it's reinforceable and it is as consistent as the organizer wants it to be. The cat's out of the bag so far as controlling the market re. price/quality/options....can't go back.
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