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putting a hinge on pandoras box

so if we cannot put the genie back in what do we do?

I am old and more bitter than all of you combined. (always wanted to say that )

Can a clearsoft section be made or a companion forum to ASC? maybe ASC-Clear? That way all the folks can discuss how to fix shatted plastic and fix plastic gears.

I think this just another stage for the sport. The clear would create this... not sure yet which way to lean as up here we do not get many krakens etc... we do have G&G AEGs with smoked uppers at am wondering what clear AEG's we are discussing? (G&G, ICS vs bass pro/Wally?)

I am not sure if it the death or the democratization of the sport? (both frought with challenges)

I do agree that it is up to us "old folk" to help show the ropes.... but you can only lead a horse to water. it is up to the horse to drink.
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