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Canadian LEGAL Airsoft products are still undergoing a big transition.

Sure you have guys like CAS and Mach1 who came into the airsoft scene for strictly business purposes and now each have exclusive right of their own. But that's only for three manufacturers, it's going to keep growing, through them or who knows?

But just give it time, there will be more brands and products available soon.

I don't know if those two have certain agreements with the manufacturer like meeting a quota every year or what not but I hope they can maintain it because the amount of players we have in Canada is still very small.

As for the old cranky dudes, no problem! You guys have been around long enough to know where to get your toys.

Some of you run games like Brian does. Just change the structure of the games and be more strict (no playing if your not prepared) Especially for those who just want to come and hurt people it's just not cool.

Now from a retailer perspective, I haven't fully invested into the clearsoft thing because as it is the market isn't ripe enough and the amount of work I'd have to put in (isn't worth it) because of how big a pain in the ass it is to setup your own line of products.

Before CAS got exclusive rights to KJW and G&G it was a decent deal to get guns direct but what worried me was the time you'd need to offload everything.

Until manufacturers warm up to Canada and stop telling us to buy from the U.S. Distirbutors (because China already makes clear guns, they just greedy) it'll be tough.

For the guys who sell black airsoft well, greed was what sparked the whole shitfest back in 2006 if it wasn't for that ClearSoft would still probably be unheard of and you'd still see a whole lot of guys still in the game.

But those guys still exist but with the growing amount of cheap players to add on to the typical stupidity retailers have to deal with it just makes you think "Is it worth it?"
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