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Speaking as a new player but almost middleaged man I'd like to give my two cents. If you want new players to have better gear it has to be more accessable. Except in the classifieds, and the few odd custom order runs all anyone has is Cansoft, and now most of that Cansoft is the CAS variety So if you want new players to have black guns the age verification system needs to be sped up. That means more age verifiers and faster updates. Yes I know that all av'rs and mods and staff volunteer their time, and that they have lives outside of this forum. Great thats as is should be, but if the senior members of this forum want newer players to have better equipment I suggest makeing one or two AV mods. Mods who's sole job is to update av status. I also suggest a sticky on " You need this to play(minimum).

Anyways thats just my two cents but I can honestly say that if it weren't for a couple of vets who pm'd with info when I asked questions and who took me under their wing alot of my choices would have been poor and uninformed. Alot of the younger players don't have that much disposable income, so they need to make the right choices the first time around. Its you senior forum members who have to shoulder the burden and "make" airsoft players out of newbs.

Well thats it...end rant.
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