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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
So where does that leave things? There's potential for a lot of game play for event organizers...but the baggage that comes along with that might not make it worth while.

Basically a lot of guys/games have gone out of the mainstream. The doors that used to be open to newcomers are closing more and more. New guys who bitch at an extra $5-10 per game, no free food, no chauffered ride, lack of handholding and general coddling...set a tone for how things are going to go for the gen public/newcomers.

There's hope though...if the mindset/attitude is there, they'll get into the "good old" stuff (guns, gear, games, events, players). If not...who knows?'re getting old and stuck in your ways...
I am getting old and stuck in my ways... I guess.. You know I have only been around in the AS community since 2005 ... but its like night and day with respect to the types of guns and players ...

I remember the vets telling me .. when I came in that the "old ways" are the better ways.

the old ways were... people found out about AS through friends .. they got invited to come out and were mentored into the community, showed the ropes, tuned up on safety and expectations.. trained, At first they ran on borrowed guns and gear.. eventually they got their own guns and gear and they were indoctrinated and intergrated fully.. then they mentored someone else. Growth was slow ... but quality was high

it's not that way now.. its is about opposite... with all the incumbat issues... lack of communication , lack of standards, lack of cohesion or any feeling of belonging and consequently the lack of respect or conformance to expectations.
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