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Originally Posted by Brakoo View Post
Holy shit man that is so true, I went to a game a month and a half ago and in the AAR thread people bitched that the organizer didn't setup trash bins and didn't bring water for everyone. When I dared replying that stuff like that is for everyone to take care of and not the organizer to grab them by the hand I nearly got lynched for being so "mean".
Man, what? I try and treat this sport like camping. You bring everything you think you'll need, and then take everything you brought with you, back with you - which includes garbage.

If you're going to an outdoor game, and you know it's going to be hot out, bring a few bottles of water with you. If you know you're going to be there past dinner time, bring food. Unless you're at a game where you pay a decent amount of money for a field fee, and it actually states that food is included, then don't fucking bitch about it.

It's like going over to someones house that you barely know, and expecting them to do everything for you and feed you because you're royal ass is there.
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