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like some people have stated the clear receiver guns are a good way of people getting into the sport without finding out that they dont like it and only being a couple hundred out instead of upwards of a thousand dollars if they got a proper gun and some gear in order to not look out of place when you get to the feild.
And you guys giving up on airsoft because of these people who have a starter gun is defeating the pourpose of this. since you guys leave, so the games are smaller and the new players are less likely to go out to the games; so they leave making the comunity die off much faster than if you guys put up with them and gave suggestions to the new guys on what they can do to be better on the feild.
like danke said, we have a mix of different groups of people at our feild. and if the gun is clear or not it still shoot 6mm BBs so when you are the other side of the path of those BBs it still counts as a hit weather that person spent $400 or $4000 to get their gear. all of the more experianced guys are giving positive support to the new guys so they are not left out and sitting in the respawn area for 80% of the games.

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