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Wrong attitude

I am as old and cranky as the next guy, and sure guys roaring spraying the world down with no clue are a pain. But for the sport to be accessible it needs to have a decent starting point for price. And 1000.00 to 1500.00 is not it, 300 to 400 is a better starting point.

You want the guys with the inexpensive guns to play better, structure your game days that way. For example we start with a quick warm up game, make sure the everyone is ready to go and there are no gun problems. Then move to team based scenario games for the rest of the day.

We stress teamwork, and games are structured that way. Our field is setup so anyone can be effective as long as their AEG meets TM stock FPS of about 280 or so.

We also mentor new players, team them up with older players and show the ropes etc.

This year we have a good core group of 8 or 9 old hands, after the usual yearly attrition of new girl friends, jobs etc. And as many as 15 new guys with various clear smoked or other guns, every other week. The ones who want to run and gun a mess around go elsewhere the rest stay and our group slowly gets bigger and better.

If you want a closed elitist sport then airsoft is doomed, you need to take the good with the bad and try to focus on the good. Stuffing your head in the sand has never made anything better.

I agree with Brian M re unprepared players they drive me nuts and not just at sims, but even regular game days. They come with discharged batteries, non functional guns and just want to be the wunderkid of the day. We tell them have to wait to the next game before they can player and no the field fees are not refundable. An hour to an hour and 1/2 of cooling their jets usually has them sorted by the next game. As for sims we just send them home, if they do not have the minimum kit then off they go.

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