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Originally Posted by HGI View Post
That's what I'm saying, I wrote a huge rant about that and thought it might hurt your feelings so I deleted it.

Get over it, not every new young player (age 16-18) have $1500-$2500 to blow away on a toy and heck only 30% of them end up playing for more than a season cause you cranky old farts turn them down or scare them away.

Less hardcore
More fun
I have no issue with "fun" I pretty much always have fun at games..

I do have an issue with people showing up ill equipped and ill prepared to participate in an activity that has a defined expectation of equipment and mind set.

Showing up at what is by definition a military simulation activity in runners and jeans... with a crapsoft gun and one highcap is kinda like asking a group of BASE jumpers if you can come along and use an extra large umbrella.

Now I get that Canadain laws force the market in certain directions... fact is there are decent quality clear receiver guns that with a shock coat of spray paint are indistinguishable from regular plastic receiver guns.

it is the invading "crapsoft" that I take issue with
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