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LOL...finally see the light, eh? You got half of it...expansion, but not the revitalization part.

The only thing that hasn't changed much is the price of "good old airsoft guns". They're less marketable to fewer people...but that's life. Tougher to sell, sometimes tougher to get. I suspect that with the normal attrition of airsoft players...the demand for those more expensive ones will die off even further. I don't see the "graduation" to real guns happening for much longer.

Take yourself and what we've got? Yup. Need any others? Not really. Want one or two more? Sure..GBBR's are neat. But I doubt either of us are going to be snapping up more Real Swords, G&G AK's or solid M-series.

Even with the latest trend of GBBR stuff coming on hard...the clones (some horrendously questionable) are out faster than the "good" ones can get to market! So where as the next trend would have pushed people along into a move to a better/different platform...that move, if it happens, will be a latteral one. It'll still be sub-$400 AGM GBBRs and $800+ better GBBRs.

So where does that leave things? There's potential for a lot of game play for event organizers...but the baggage that comes along with that might not make it worth while.

Basically a lot of guys/games have gone out of the mainstream. The doors that used to be open to newcomers are closing more and more. New guys who bitch at an extra $5-10 per game, no free food, no chauffered ride, lack of handholding and general coddling...set a tone for how things are going to go for the gen public/newcomers.

There's hope though...if the mindset/attitude is there, they'll get into the "good old" stuff (guns, gear, games, events, players). If not...who knows?'re getting old and stuck in your ways...
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