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Originally Posted by HGI View Post
That's what I'm saying, I wrote a huge rant about that and thought it might hurt your feelings so I deleted it.

Get over it, not every new young player (age 16-18) have $1500-$2500 to blow away on a toy and heck only 30% of them end up playing for more than a season cause you cranky old farts turn them down or scare them away.

Less hardcore
More fun

when i started i was fielding a $300 JAC mp5 mind you that was back in 88/89 and all the players that played with me knows i don't baby my shit either.
the point of this is what we have been saying all these years, save up and buy quality, just the same as paintball you need roughly around $1000 worth of gears, guns, ammo and other stuff to play.
Being hardcore to me is playing 6 out of seven days which we did back then and not about gears but now we are consumed with wannabe gangsta and toughguys that just want to look cool and hurt people. games with full auto lighting up someone at CQB range, blind firing, mag ticklers etc. i say airsoft are becoming more like paintball more than anything else.
unfortunately turning away or scaring these noobs are the only way that they will understand that we do not tolerate paintball actions in our sport.
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