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An even better spot for my thoughts on the new breed of guns;

I see them as equal to the fake electric guitars in video games. People buy both so they can wave them around in front of girls. Like guitars (real or fake), most people who own these have no idea how to actually use them. At the end of the day, if it's a guitar or a gun, the average person is completely unconcerned with the actual quality of the object; instead, all they see is the shape.

So that leads to a couple questions. Is our fixation with a certain level of quality justified?

Are those clear and smoked AEGs an alarming drop in quality, or will they actually draw more players in who in fact will progress to better gear with time.

I have sent them at games, I really only notice the clear in the safe areas. I can't say what happens next, our local scene appears to have a huge churn with a both players with all the gear and guns you see in picture threads dropping of the map, and the new players who have one highcap and a surplus jacket pouring it on for one year and then packing up too.

So as always I would say the onus is on the more experienced players to guide the new ones. And if that means vibing out some jackasses with white runners and clear guns so be it.
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