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See through guns and the death of "airsoft"

Ok, I was wrong... and I admit it.

I thought that the proliferation of inexpensive clear receiver guns would result in an expansion of this activity and a revitalization of the community.

I was wrong... What has happened is a "dumbing down" The bar to entry to this activity has been lowered so low at this point that pretty much anyone with $100 can get into the game.

Now we see retailers selling dollar store junk as "airsoft guns" at $60 and $80 to people who then will undoubtedly show up at the next game .. and subsequently whine about the "elite assholes" who looked down on them.

Instead of growing the community it has divided it between " Kraken toting mag ticklers" and those who invest in "real airsoft"

"real" airsoft has been pretty much marginalized as the purview of the affluent few.. with connections, submerged under a sea of Cheap clear guns.

Many people have withdrawn from the public community because of this.. retreating to enclaves of "serious players" who have written off for the most part the wider community.

Lots of guys called it right when the last of the large public retailers of "real airsoft" guns folded ... the writting was on the wall... but now its large enough for all to see.

The "barbarian Invasion" of "Kraken Toting Mag Ticklers "(KTMTs) is proceeding inexorably to the final conclusion .... when the back yard clear softers will inherit ASC.

The "serious" collectors and players are still out there.. and many still lurk here .. and granted many KTMTs graduate to real guns in time and make the transition to Real guns and committment to the activity. it's the ratio of "wheat to chaff" that I bemoan.

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