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Clearsoft DIY reinforcement

This should fit in here as many of you own guns that have clear recievers and such. You may start to notice weakpoints on the body as you begin to take apart and upgrade it.
I was just thinking about the stress I put on some of my clear plastic bodies while working on them (JG and Cybergun/Swissarms respectively). And decided that some key points (ie all the screw holes) could be reinforced by say a washer. But then I remembered that plastic to metal glues are kinda imperfect, so I scrapped the thoughts until it hit me! By making small 'washers' from other plastics you could glue the peice into the rear side of the hole, provided you file some of it back. I used the kind of plastic that I have lots of. Like old student cards or used gift cards, guitar pics work best for me.

You will need:
Hobby Knife
Good glue that bonds the plastics

First step.

Ensure that the plastic you choose is pliable and clean, able to suply enough to finish the job. The screw hole will require a small amount but give it 1 square inch each.

Second step.

Gently file/dremmel the rear side of any screwhole that apears affected by strain the depth that would equal your chosen plastic. At this point it is imperative that you understand the whole entirety of the weapon, what is tight fitting and how deep this particular screw is going.

Third step.

Cut out a peice of the plastic in the shape you need, overestimate and sand into perfection.

Fourth step.

Dremmel/Drill a hole nearly the same size as the screw in the apropriate place of your plastic peice.

Fifth step.

Glue the plastic into the space you created for it. Do not use excess glue as this will make a mess and ruin the looks of the weapon.

And now you have your reinforced screwholes!

The use of a malleable plastic is to help the glue bond and the stress to be less effictive on the plastic reciever.
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