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Originally Posted by Silverthorn View Post
Why would he need to get it approved? The guy is just selling his own stuff like we sell our parts and guns...
The problem is that he did NOT mention what the situation was in the sales thread, nor did he talk to any of the staff members about it.

Now take a step out of your bubble and take a look at it from OUR perspective - we have a guy come aboard and throw up a quantity of 80+ brand new products. It's hard to not see that as potential retailing beyond what was posted in the advertisement.

The reason why he needs to ask for approval is so that the case can be reviewed, discussed and so that all of the staff are made aware of the situation so that where one staff member may approve of it, another one won't unknowingly slap the seller with an infraction because it wasn't made aware to everyone.

Also, we open these retailer related discussions to the other retailers - you guys may be surprised, but when you actually TALK to people and tell them the situation, straight up, shooting straight, no shit and no holds barred, you'd be surprised at how forgiving and giving others are if the situation is legitimate.

Now that this situation has come to light, and that discussion is made available, the retailers who complained are now in understanding of the situation, and welcome it more, seeing as how a supply of 'crappy BBs' does not encroach on any of their territory.

We do not yet have a final agreement on whether to let this ad go through or not, so until then, there's no point in trying to demonize the staff here. We're all here trying to help you guys by giving you OUR time to provide you all with a service. If you don't like the fact that there is a control in place, feel free to start a country with no government and let me know how that goes.

Is this understood?

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