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I'd be down for a group order for the half mesh masks, I wonder if it's possible to reshape the meshing for a better cheek weld or for other players who may have larger/smaller cheek bones/face etc.

On the other hand, I've been using this for Indoor CQB yeah I've been called Darth Vader or whatever but I can enjoy myself without worrying about coming home with welts on my neck/face.

Here's what I use: Oh and it's Canadian, head office is in Ottawa I believe.

Remember, safety first.

Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Talk about gouging for shipping. $43 for EMS and it takes 1 month?

EMS should be cheaper AND it should take like 3-5 days.
It's probably coming from the heart of the motherland!! Plus it'll probably cost a little $$ to bribe the folks in the post office to not carelessly 'lose' packages.

Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
id sell one of my guns to be able to afford those if somebody else would order with me to reduce the shipping
tehnooblord we're all seriously tired of you bickering about not being able to afford anything.

STFU already, everybody has financial problems but we all make ends meets when it comes to this hobby. Airsoft isn't even considered EXPENSIVE compared to some of the other hobbies out there.

As for money issues, it's usually because you don't keep track of your expenses/income very well, maybe you should start writing down what you spend each day and what you make and then start figuring out what you can and can't spend your $$ on after you've set priorities.

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