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Originally Posted by Comanche View Post
There's probably 2 or 3 factories which produce those, which are sold as no-name, Unicorn, G&P, Matrix Tactical or whatever... those are OEMs and while external details are different (such as markings, which can be added to any) they can be the same, just non-rebranded = cheaper.

But they also may be different... while 99% equivalent.
To be honest, I would actually associate the 30% price difference to the wholesale prices you can get here, and the location, not rebranding.

Back in 2006 when I still lived in Shanghai, I got a JG G-36C for slightly less than 80 bucks US, when the pricing in the states was between 120-150 USD.

This one was definitely a JG gun, the box is the same, the insides are the same, 380FPS stock according to a coke can, and it still runs today, although it's in the hands of a friend that still lives here.
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