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There are no metal bodies, no silencers, no magazines. My main concern is when the luggage is in Beijing. Even though the luggage is directly transferred to the flight to Toronto, im worried about the customs at Beijing b/c China is a communist country. Im not too worried about the customs in Canada cause all the items he is bringing back is legit.

To be more specific, here are parts that my friend is bringing from Hk --> Beijing --> Toronto

1. Prometheus EG Barrel 363mm
2. King Arms L300 Visible Green Laser Sight w/ Throw lever Ring
3. King Arms Remote Pressure Switch for King Arms Green Laser
4. Bomber Flip-Up Rear Sight (LMT Ver.)
5. Bomber Tactical ACOG QD Mount
6. Bomber Tactical QD Mount
7. Bomber Tactical Cantilever QD Mount
8. Element QD front Grip (Larue style)
9. Element Aluminium 1 piece barrel extension (-14mm)

Originally Posted by kamikaze View Post
Safest way is to drop in the mail. It always took about a week to get my stuffs fron Honk Kong ; why yours will take that long ?? Maybe customs issues but not the shipping by itself !!!
My friend said its alot cheaper by ship, thqat is why it takes so long to mail back.

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