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Originally Posted by 5udhir View Post
hi, i am not yet av'd (i've been putting it off), but once i am, i think i would like to get a skorpion vz 61(do they make vz91?). it must be an aeg/aep not gas.

i am curious to know how easy/hard it is to come by one of these. also how much will i be dishing out(money).

i like the JING GONG, or maybe the TM. is the WELL any good? and can i import the drum mag/spring fed mags(if there are any) from overseas or is it forbidden?
You can import magazine's along as they do not have fake bullets included. WELL from my understanding isn't a very good brand neither is JG.
If you were to get a Scorpion, I'd get the TM.

EDIT: Money would be around 400+
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