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Just got one of these in today. Pretty damn happy with it. too.

Just a short reveiw before I get into anything in depth:

The gun came in a vaccuum sealed plastic, had some pretty spiffy cover art and the such. Though the main interest was the gun... Don't expect to peel the plastic apart on this gun, its pretty damn thick, so you'll need to cut through it.

Once I got the gun out, i pulled it out of the plastic. the gun isnt particularly heavy by itself. Most of the weight comes from the bolt of the weapon. which is pretty nice when locked back. the gun isnt to front or back heavy, its weighted perfectly where it should be. And with the magazine loaded and inserted... Even moreso.

Since I don't have any bbs but .36's for my broken m24. I decided to load it up and let rip. The gun has a pretty good kick, just enough to throw off your aim though, so be sure find a comfortable way to grip and brace the thing. The gun is only innacurate due to the sporradic recoil from it. I was able to shoot a good distance accuratly with shooting on semi.

Then again, i was using .36s so it would be particularly hard to miss with those, Haha, it worked pretty damn well too!

After that, I decided to give it another go with .12gram bb's. I know they're frowned apon. but its either that, or wasting fifty more expensive bb's. and all I can say is that its really, really not worth it in any sense. The gun will not be able to hit ANYTHING with it. i'm not sure whats going on, but the bb's just curve in every direction imaginable. Kinda fun to watch until you realize you're potentially damaging your gun with them.

As for firing? The gun, as everyone knows fires like a beast. A near endless stream of bb's in the direction you're aiming at... The sights are actually pretty good for this provided you just use them... as reference to what you're aiming to. Theres no need to look through the peephole in the rear sight, Just look over it and use the bolts cut out area as the 'rear sight' instead. the bb's spread nicely within the side posts of the front sight.

I'm gonna do a video reveiw of this weapon in a week or two. Hope my short reveiw here helped!

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