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New to the sport a few questions about gun types

Hi, I'm pretty new to this sport, live in Ottawa, I have seen a few videos on you tube about Airsoft , I was hooked !! Anyhow after a little bit of research I decided on buying JG SG 552 from , I failed to see that they have two separated ads that sell sig 552, one says Jing Gong 552 and has FPS rated at 350-370 , and a 350 bb Mag. (this is the one i just purchased) the other ad on the site says SIG Sauer 552 does not mention Jing Gong, has FPS 330 and 300bb MAG.
I have tried to contact but it's the holidays right now so no recponce yet, hope they can clearify this to me.
my question to you is has anyone here purchased the Jing Gong Sig 552 advertised gun from their site and if so what Brand was it? *swiss arms or Navy Seal? or something else?, seems there are a few different models for sale now in canada.
I'm going to conact a Airsoft smith located here in Ottawa in order to be age varfied, seeing I'm 43 I don't forsee any difficulties
Anyhow nice to meet ya'll , be shootin ya.

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