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Troll's remorse

There was a time when if you came here with any kind of attitude you got ripped to shreds. Now that ASC has gone soft for good (and bad) reasons, people go all white knight on percieved trolls because they think everyone who comes here has a sacred right to a pleasant and warm welcome.

Not true. This may be a private forum with it's rules and limits to free speech, but that does not in any way oblige people to bend over backwards to please others who come here with dead horse subjects like the acquisition of guns by minors.

Just as you can say "ignore newb topics if you can't bear them", you could always say "ignore "rude" responses if you can't bear them".

One of the reasons this hobby survived is the perceived seriousness of the community to police it's own and new members. Slack too much and allow anyone in, and someone else might come in and police you.
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