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I did, and I read what you then editted in.

Still...dude...pedo humor? Come on.

Here is a BIG hint....we all wanna see Airsoft come to full acceptance in Canada right? People in authority HAVE KIDS (like us). When the representatives for that sport on a NATIONAL level justify pedo humor because he asked a 'redundant question'...

You should almost be able to HEAR the doors of opportunity slamming in our faces.

Seriously...redundant question doesn;t equate shit on them. If I your mind it does, time to take some time off, and let some OTHER folks post a reply.

And know what, when I or someone else starts to farging LOSE IT on the new guy...for a seemingly innocent question...someone should pull me off him.

You know better...thus deserve the raised voice when you screw up...not the new guy.
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