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Edit: Bgrail, perhaps if your noob had read the FAQ section and even slightly the posts that he claimed to read, he wouldve known that his question was redundant and stupid cuz it says clearly, having your PAL doesnt count for anything and infact mixing the two can bring you under closer scrutiny from the police.
Yes, that does make sense. But just because he didn't understand something, do we really have to have 3 pages of flaming? I can see why people are always upset about noobs, but can't you see what the flaming is doing? First, you flame someone about a question you don't like. Then, everyone starts beating on them, until they back off. Then people start arguing about what they said until the post is closed, and someone gets banned for getting a bad image from the community because of the topic. I have seen these posts too many times on many sites, and they do nothing but waste people's time.
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