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Um wrong.

I am here all the fricken time, and see it all the time...sigh....but you know justify how you want.

But at this point the 'Significant Other' Airsoft Team Member would like to post something for your consideration.:


begin quote:

Mikhail's wife Chris here, borrowing his login because I post here so rarely I can't bloody remember my login:

Okay, so the general rule of thumb is no-one under 18 is allowed into the Big Boy areas. YMMV at actual fields and games depending on the hosts and site owners. Fine. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer. I don't think anyone here has an issue with that (at least, I certainly hope not).

What I DON'T like (and frankly, it's one of the reasons I post here so damned rarely) is the whole ASC thing of "ask a simple question, GET FLAMED!!!" Jesus, grow the hell up. He didn't even say he had his PAL yet; he was just asking if it would make a difference if he went and got it. Short answer, Winter: Here? Apparently not. On our field? Yeah, because if you can be trusted with live ammo we figure you're good with bloody plastic pellets.

Grow the hell up, guys, put your big girl knickers on, and try and keep a civil tongue in your head. You already have a (well-deserved, I might add) reputation of being little flaming pricks, so how about trying to prove the reputation as false for a change, lose the immature posturing, and if someone asks a polite question, give them a polite answer. Jesus, calling someone a "gangbanger wannabe" just because they used a current teenager colloquialism? *facepalm* And how the hell do you get from "Would it help if I had my PAL?" to bloody pedophiles, fer crissakes? Do you really think that's appropriate humour for a forum that PURPORTS to represent Airsoft players on a national level? Jesus, if you guys are the norm for Airsoft, then I am really, really glad I have a bunch of actually mature individuals to play with (and no, not every one of them is over 18, but frankly, EVERY ONE of them KICKS YOUR ASSES for maturity. Don't give me that shit about "But they're really mature on the field, so it's okay," because it's NOT. Either you ARE mature or you are NOT. Guess which one YOU guys seem to be?). No wonder the soccer moms freak out, you talk shit like this to newbies every chance you get. Smarten the fuck up; YOU'RE REPRESENTING, dudes! Personally, I LIKE playing Airsoft and your smarmy little yappy mouths are threatening the image of it and making it harder for ME to represent it as a healthy, entertaining, INNOCENT PASSTIME.

I fully expect to get flamed into oblivion myself, but jesus, SOMEONE has to tell you lot to grow up and behave if your own Mommies won't do it.

-Chris/Freydis, mother of two, proud owner of BIG GIRL KNICKERS and an AK47.
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