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oh man, kid asks about being allowed to play if he has a PAL, gets told and the drama begins, here's my take:

- The first responses were accurate, we all showed him that 18+ was the rule and that having a minor's PAL didn't affect airsoft participation/ownership

- Once that was out of the way, I decided to have a little fun, with the whole pedo thing

- burningashes called him a "gangbanger noob" which I though was uncalled for and explained why

- Kid says that he expected this based on previous threads - obvious troll? maybe, but he knew what kind of response his attitude and statements would bring on him

- as usual we get the usual older posters who don't have to deal with this BS constantly because they never go on ASC anymore, they log in from time to time and criticize how awful we are for telling another kid the dreaded NO word, because it's the first thing they see when they come on, they think "omg what has ASC become!!11"
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