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Aimpoint in China

Hello, I'm currently in mainland China, Shanghai as a matter of fact, just for the summer. I am planning on purchasing an Aimpoint for my 2 year old JG AUG, because running around with 3x magnification on my scope is rather irritating in close quarters...

I have located one, for a decent price of 250 RMB, about 40 CAD. The box tells me its G&P, and the quality looks like it could be. But I am well aware of the scandals that small storeowners in China will pull, and the amount of forging there is here. There are no numbers 1-6 on the knob, and the lens on the aiming end is red. It does however, have "Aimpoint" written in white letters, on the side, which I have not seen on any photos of G&P aimpoints I have found. What do you guys think of the authenticity of this product?

I'm also looking at their Guarder 70% hardness hop up bucking for 35 rmb, about 6 CAD.


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