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The boxes that the guns come with are pretty useless actually.... Once you throw a sight on your gun of change pretty much anything it won't fit in the box anymore. I only keep the boxes if I think i'll ever sell the gun, not for the $5 extra people may pay, but because it's so much easier than going out and finding a box that the gun will fit in.

And for chairsofters, I own 3 long guns, 2 pistols and should be getting another Long soon with plans for more. All my guns fill their own roles, I have a CQB role gun, Grenadier(CBQ gun+203), rifleman, sniper and should soon have the lmg. Everything is different. >.> however I don't understand people who own multiple of the same guns (I mean 100% same like 2 M4s with an eotech on each, or 2 100% plain AK 47s, only exeption is if the owner plans on drastically altering one)
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