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XT charges too much for the GG stuff... can get them for 350 from Warfighter but have to be 18+

check out for local winnipeg action... if you are 18 then seek out Amos he can give you the magic key to draining your bank account in to his..... if you are not 18

then Cabellas get the MP5 Broxxa Good CQB. then still come by MB Airsoft Assoc. but also seek out a place called Ambush Anonymous Airsoft. they run lots of scrims out there you can play in...

another think to keep up on the MAA boards (MB Airsoft Assoc) is an Open house or Noob day. come out see the hardware. meet the people. ask to shoot some of the big stuff and see what you like...

BTW you can get a RIS unit for the Kracken from Ehobby Asia if you need a flashlight on it...

before you rush out to XT or Cabellas etc Check out the MAA introduce yourself and hang out there ask lots of questions find out what you want / can afford etc

don't just spend for the sake of spending... Technically Cabellas should not sell to you unless you are 18 but I wont get started on that RANT..

come see your local Airsoft Community


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