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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
chairsofters are armchair commandos/basement commandos, the kind that buy not just guns, but actual gear as well, I think that's the difference between a chairsofter and a collector

Im more of a "keep only what i need for a loadout" kinda guy, I have one rifle and one pistol at any point in time. Funny though as I've recently found myself with 3 pistols and no rifle hehehe
Agreed with that last part. You shouldn't need anymore then 4 guns you actively use. One primary, a secondary full-size, and 2 pistols or mac11s or something. Anything else just seems like overkill, and you have too much money on your hands

Personally all I have is my SiG552-SD, a shitty little springer pistol I got like.. 7 years ago, and that's it. Most I want is a HK416 stubby as a back-up, and two pistols, preferably a Chrome DE and a Black DE and dual-wield them just for looks, near-zero practicality in an outdoor field, heh.

Primary: Custom WE M16A3
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