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Well I guess depending on what your laws on importing are you could get a gun from redwolf or some other place for dirt cheap (at least compared to what we pay in Canada).

Really though depending on your budget go and take a look at some of the Asian airsoft "megastores". G&P is always good and will never fail you, although it depends on if you're willing to spend a bit more money as some G&P's are expensive (650 USD) and some are cheaper (250-350 USD).

Solid brands to look for are TM, G&P, CA, etc. although the TM isn't really built to withstand lots of upgrading so it's best to get one and leave it stock, save for a few upgrades that way you'll have a really reliable gun. Since I don't know your FPS rules or anything I'm going to assume that outdoors you run anywhere from 330-400 FPS. At those speeds you'll want to probably get a high quality gun that is reliable and meant for that kind of use so any of the higher end manufacturers except for TM should help you achieve that goal.
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