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Originally Posted by Silverthorn View Post
I ALWAYS bring a change of clothes or a used bed sheet to put over my seats.

Never take a chance, bring something.

Of course if you are dressed like a "christmas tree soldier" (i.e. in full battle dress like a real soldier with tons of gizmos and pouches and thingies) you might have a hard time crawling around and thus might end up pretty clean since you won't crawl around.

Personally, I play with a small load and always find myself crawling around so I always have a backup to avoid messing up my car.
You know, there is truth to this. I used to play with a light load (bdu and mk23) and I got hella dirty from jungle crawls and shit.

Now I'm kinda tanking it up (bdu, heavy rifle, sidearms, explosives, big LBV, radio, elbow/knee pads, backpack and integrated camel pack) and I find I don't crawl around at all.

Interesting observation.

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