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Question Help with purchase.

hey guys,

so i'm from Slovenia (pretty fuckin' far away ;P ) and today i played airsoft for the first time. I was super stoked on it, and i have decided to purchase a new airsoft rifle in the price range up to 270 Canadian dollars (or 160 Euros -> i'm from Europe). So because i don't really know which manufacturers are good, i'm kindly asking for your advice. So far i found a couple of guns which interest me the most.

the first one is Cybergun's Colt M4A1 SIR (here they are sold for cca. 400 CD that's 260 Euros, but now they are being sold for 160 Euros\240 CD which is a lot less)

the second one is JingGong's G608-2 it's being sold for 240 CD

the third one is JingGong's G 36 K with integrated Optic system which is being sold for 250 CD.

Because i had been playing Counter Strike from version 1.3 (2002) to 1.7 (and my fav rifle was an m4) i really really like Cybergun's M4A1. So if non of these rifles are all that ;P please tell me for another manufacturer with a solid m4 carbine.

Thank you so much for your help guys!!!!!!!

Dejan Brozovič from Slovenia.

PS: sorry for any writing mistakes, my english is not so good as it should be

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