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Looking for username : CATSCAN , Location Ottawa

Hi there,

A wee back, I bought an aimpoint and 4x magnifier from this user for 80 $ shipped express to my address. I knew that it's too good to be true but since I used to deal with him before so I trust him.

We communicate by e-mail and finally agree on the payment for 80 $ paid by EMT. I send payment and he reply that he already received the payment and will ship out next day. The next day, I send an e-mail again asking for tracking so there is no reply until now. I send a few e-mail each day and last e-mail warning him that it's fraud but still no reply.

I have all kind of his information from his name to phone number and address but before I go more further, I want to knew if there is any local player knew him could help me to contact him to refund my money or ship the item to me. Life is hard so we never knew what happen, maybe something happen when he take item ship to me. So just to make sure about that.

Thanks in advance.

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